This technology has shown amazing results.

This non-invasive way to treat people is the obvious wave of the future! Join us, you will be amazed and glad you did.

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The Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Book is available for purchase.

Clinical practitioners are increasingly approached by the public about complementary medicine, including the use of magnets for personal care. Since there is little scientifically sound information in the traditional English language medical literature to guide clinicians' advice, our book serves to bridge that gap.
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Welcome to the official website for PEMF technology.

With more than 40 years of clinical studies, researchers believe that the pulsed signal nudges the body's chemistry so the healing process may proceed more rapidly.

“We certainly cannot succeed as a culture by continuing to deny and ignore pain, as if we could silence it beneath a mountain of pills.” Kathryn Weiner, PhD - Director – AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PAIN MANAGEMENT

Fox News Health report with Dr. Manny Alvarez:


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Recent PEMF News
The Arcadia Clinic in Kassel, Germany is observing massive changes in a patient energy levels when they are treated with PEMF. They also report the absorption of nutrient manifold increases, enhanced detoxification, improvement in emotional state as well as feeling recharged.

Tests of patients with extremely bad blood values, severe gut or joint inflammations and high acidity show amazing results. Their most powerful observation is the increased activity, size and movement of the white blood cells.

These photos were taken directly before and after the PEMF treatment.

Marcus Freudenmann has posted a video of
the effect of PMT on white blood cells.

Click here to view the video. Webutation

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